About Us

Day after day we maximize our potentials to reach every possibility and every opportunity to achieve successful investments and setting no boundaries to our vision.


OrionTrade for Export and supplies was Founded in 2004, with a wide experience within the fresh fruit and vegetable sector in Egypt. As our Grandparents and Fathers started to cultivate the Agricultural Products which they were selling to Egyptian exporters at that time. Therefore in 2004, we wanted to continue what our grandparents and fathers started.

Our Brand

Our brand ( Khair ) is very reputable in the international markets and their demand is increasing to a great extent that we are still improving to meet this increasing demand for our products all over the world.

Our Markets

(Europe): UK,Belgium,Netherlands,Ukrain, Poland,Belarus,Italy,Finland,Sweden, Switzerland,Russia,Norway,Ireland & Denmark. (Asia) : Hong Kong , Malaysia , Singapore , Indonesia,UAE, Saudi Arabia. (Africa) : Senegal , Djibouti , Comoros , Seychelles